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Hubs at Home Shows

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In both January and February, the City of Seattle sponsors a “Home Show” intended to give homeowners information about many aspects of home improvement and sustainability.  While about half of the information tables are from the city, including inspections and permitting info, there’s a strong focus on sustainability with information tables about insurance, home retrofit and the hubs participate to talk about community resilience.  The crowd was huge at the North Seattle Home Show in January and our Hub information table was constantly busy.  We expect the same at the upcoming South Seattle Home Show on Feb 23, 10 -2 pm, more information here


Cheryl Dyer, Loyal Heights Hub Captain, talks with Home Show attendees

Cheryl Dyer, Loyal Heights Hub Captain, talks      with Home Show attendees


a listing of all the information tables at the North Seattle Home Show

Participating tables at the North Home Show



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