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PhinneyWood Hubs organize neighborhood approach

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PhinneyWood builds on collaborative neighborhood work.

The PhinneyWood Hubs held an organizing meeting Jan 25, exploring how to link households, blocks and the Hubs into a coordinated, resilient network for responding in a disaster.  Over 40 people turned out to share their thoughts and what they’ve done so far to organize.  A block leader talked about her work in bringing her neighbors together building on the Seattle Neighbors Actively Prepare (SNAP) program, and a resident of a condo building spoke about organizing her block (it’s just vertical!).  Meeting organizer, David Baum, then spoke about how Phinney could connect via radio for quick information gathering and response coordination.  This is all in the exploratory phase, if you are interested in learning more, check the PhinneyWood Hubs webpage

PhinneyWood neighbors organize for emergency preparedness

PhinneyWood neighbors organize for emergency preparedness

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