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Prepare – The Power of Neighborhoods

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Community Members
Engaged and Prepared

Seattle neighborhoods continue to explore ways to get their community members engaged and prepared for disaster. Recently, the Eastlake Community Council packed their meeting room to hear how to work together as a community and also in smaller teams, called Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP).


Q13 Fox News was on hand to capture the session and also interviewed SNAP members from the Alki neighborhood. Matt Auflick, Seattle of Seattle Office of Emergency Management, spoke at the Eastlake meeting about basics.


There are a few simple steps that can help enhance our families and our neighbors preparedness for an emergency; knowledge and actions that reduce the severity of injuries and trauma and reduce property damage. These steps will help all of us to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect people within our community.


The Seattle Office of Emergency Management has great resources online to help you and your family prepare!


Watch the Q13 Fox News video to see how they covered these latest efforts to build community togetherness through disaster and emergency preparedness information sessions.  Teaching each other to work as a team in the event of a natural disaster is essential. 


The Q13 reporter also referenced “Map Your Neighborhood”, which is used in cities outside Seattle. Within King County, the Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs have created the Seattle NeighborLink Map to help connect our communities, residents and visitors in the event of an emergency or disaster.


Remember, as winter approaches, the Pacific Northwest can deliver harsh conditions during winter storms.


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