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Seattle Hubs on Seattle Growth Podcast

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Cindi Barker, Hub Captain for the Morgan Junction Hub and one of the very early members of the Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs network, was interview by Jeffery Shulman for his Seattle Growth Podcast.  It’s at http://seattlegrowthpodcast.com/s6-ep-6-finding-community-in-emergency-prep-and-dance/ or S6 Ep. 6 on iTunes.  The Hubs segment is in the first half of the podcast

“Today’s episode may be the first Seattle Growth Podcast episode that can save your life. Cindi Barker talks about the Seattle Emergency Hubs. She’s not only bringing Seattleites together, she is preparing them for when disaster strikes. In this interview, you will learn the surprising amount of time you should be prepared to survive in case of an emergency and how you can find the people who can help you through such an event.”

Cindi Barker and Jeffery Schulman start the podcast

Cindi Barker and Jeffery Shulman start the podcast


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