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Volunteer Management Table Top After Action Review

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Volunteer Management Training


This Table Top exercise, held Nov 14, 2015, was intended to simulate volunteers showing up at the hub and to see how the groups assigned the volunteers, thought about their safety and managed them over time, especially if they had a reusable resource to share.


Each hub table had 10 scenarios to work through, and each hub was also given 2 injects (simulated situation or resource during the drill), one from the city and one from another hub. After 45 minutes, the exercise was stopped to debrief the room on what was working and what wasn’t working. The exercise was reset and the hub tables were reassigned 10 more scenarios (which were identical, but not everyone got through the first 10, so while there was some repetition, there were also new scenarios put into play.) The hub tables worked again for another 45 minutes, summarized their learning and debriefed the room on their best ideas or observations.


  • Vounteer Management Tabletop Event Nov 2015


Top points to consider


• Hubs should consider a Volunteer Coordinator position or function (responsibilities need to be defined.)
• A Volunteer Intake Form could expedite incoming volunteers – with skill check boxes and place to write experience that the volunteer can fill out themselves.
• Hubs need to think about a system to manage the NEED/Resources cards with the Volunteer assigned. (See below for an more detailed description)
• This type of table top exercise worked really well to understand the issues of communication and management of resources and possible solutions.


We will take the full After Action Review for Volunteer Management Table Top Exercise and roll the observations and ideas into preparation for the next drill in 2016.


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