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Add our Map Your Neighborhood Zone to the NeighborLink Map

Welcome to the Seattle NeighborLink Map, an interactive public map that provides a way for Seattle neighbors to connect. If you have formed a MYN (Map Your Neighborhood) group and ever wondered who else has organized around you, this is your opportunity to contact them directly, right from this map!


If the Map Your Neighborhood Zone you represent as a Block Captain or Facilitator is willing to share your group contact and meeting data, please complete and submit the form below.
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Each MYN Zone is defined by a set of physical boundaries that identifies the parameters of the ZONE; i.e., Block Zone (Madison Street & 3rd Ave, 3rd Ave & Marion St, Marion St & 2nd Ave, 2nd Ave & Madison St.)
Condos & Apartments can be defined by Floor Coordination Sites (FCS). If you organize according to floors, choose a Floor Coordination Site for each floor or group of floors; i.e., Floor Coordination Site ZONE (Floors 1-4, FCS: A105)
The Neighborhood Gathering Site will serve as the master response site for the entire building; i.e., Rear parking lot furthest from the Building or the corner of 3rd Ave & Madison St

Where do you meet with your MYN Zone residents to provide updated information; i.e., MYN Zone Meeting Location: Wells Fargo Bank, 999 3rd Ave or Floor Coordination Site (FCS) Meeting Location: Condo Building A, #105

In the event of an emergency choose a location to meet in the open, where no building or structure will prevent access. Remember that services and transportation may be compromised. Neighborhoods that have planned in advance will likely have more services and life saving tools.

If you have any questions or need to provide additional details, this is the place to give us that information

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