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Neighbors Meet to Learn Risks & Prepare

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Excellent Lake City
Emergency Hub Workshop

On Saturday 10/24/15, the OEM came to Lake City to help neighbors learn our risks and what to do to prepare.  Over 70 people registered for the event at the library, and we had 53 people show up for a packed room.  Diana Leytham and Sandhya Subramanian tabled for the Lake City  Hub and had lots of interested people stop by–over half the attendees stopped at the table to pick up brochures and ask questions, including how to set up their own Hubs or neighborhood points of contact, and six new people signed up to get involved with the Lake City Hub.  All in all a great turnout, excellent emergency preparedness neighborhood workshop and wonderful community participation!

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  1. Katherine Ransel says:

    I moved to Victory Heights, the part above Northgate Way and east of 15th, a year and a half ago and wondered what is going on if anything re HUBs near me. I live at 117th and 20th NE. Thank you.

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