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Hub Mission Statement

A Seattle Community Emergency Hub is a pre-determined location where neighbors and community members are likely to gather to begin exchanging information and resources among themselves without outside assistance from City services.

A Seattle Emergency Communications Hub is an enhanced Community Emergency Hub. It has a core of trained volunteers with additional skills who can collect information on local situations, needs, and resources and assist in the allocation of resources to needs. They can relay information between Hubs, the Auxiliary Communications Service, or other locations so that it reaches those in need. Hub volunteers also aid the City of Seattle in encouraging neighbors to be individually and collectively prepared for a disaster.



                The hub mission is accomplished SOLELY through community volunteers.




Hub Network Mission Statement

The Seattle Hub Network is a coalition of separate Seattle neighborhood hubs having the shared mission of preparing for, responding to, and being resilient after a major disaster.

We accomplish this mission through advocating in support of Hubs, creating opportunities to develop and share understanding of best practices, sponsoring activities such as training, drills and meetings which benefit all, and assisting each other in our individual hub efforts

Seattle Emergency Hubs – Volunteers

This website is the tool of the Seattle Emergency Communication Network, which is a coalition of volunteers from Seattle neighborhoods having the shared goal of preparing for, responding to, and being resilient after a major disaster. As Hub organizers and Hub Captains, we seek to link with all our partners in emergency preparedness in support of our collective mission statements.


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