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Ham Radio Operators – essential communications when all else fails

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Seattle’s Auxiliary
Communications Services (ACS)

When a natural disaster hits, communications as we know it in the PNW region could be compromised and unavailable. Cell phones and internet service may be out! So how do we connect with emergency personnel and get help? We may be required to rely on each other…members of our local community.
Luckily, the PNW is blessed with many Ham radio operators who practice and signal weekly. In order to volunteer with the city’s ham radio group, you must obtain an amateur radio license.
The Seattle Auxiliary Services volunteer city program started in 1993 with over 150 members today and on Monday evenings, about 30 operators are active and communicating with each other.
Seattle Auxillary Communications Service
Ham radio operators can join the weekly net for Seattle Auxiliary Services at 7pm Mondays on 146.96 kHz (offset -103.5) via the Puget Sound Repeater Group. Follow the link for more information on the Puget Sound Repeater Group.
“One of the beauties about amateur radio, we’re already every place throughout the city,” Carl Leon says, a military veteran who’s been a ham radio operator for 25 years, a member of the ACS and an Emergency Hub volunteer.
The Puget Sound Repeater Group has a Field Day event scheduled on June 25th at South Seattle College, they need volunteers!! You can learn more about this below!

Field Day

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