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What a year it was – 2016 in review

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Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs Activity Report 2016

Our Hub Captains and the Hubs were very busy in 2016. Here is our year end summary as we get ready for another busy year ahead.

Major Accomplishments


Drills and Training Exercises (all Hubs)

June – Cascadia Rising city wide Hubs drill, and 6 Hub Captains observed Seattle Department during the official Cascadia Rising drill.


Workshops, mini-drills, skill building and classroom training

Jill Watson (Human Services Dept) continued the Sheltering 101 discussion and we reviewed our Tip Sheet we had prepared for in-the-field response, Jan

Phinney Hub neighborhood capacity building, Jan

Participated in Kirkland OEM scenario writing workshop, Jan

Phinney Hub radio practice drill, Feb

Wedgwood hubs practice session, April, June

Hubs 101 networking session held for new hubs, Aug

Sheltering workshop with Westside Interfaith Network churches, Sept

Disaster Relief Trials – Cargo Bikes practice event, Sept

Hub Simplification Workshop, Oct

Eich Eichhorn (SDOT) covered SDOT use of community volunteers in a disaster response, Oct


Outreach tables:

Lake City Community Conversations event, Jan

Fauntleroy Community Association Annual meeting, Mar

High Point Bee Festival, May

Morgan Junction Community Festival, June

West Seattle Summer Fest, July

Ballard Seafood Fest, July

Victory Heights Potluck and Social, July

Rainier Beach Arts and Music Fest, July

Night Out, Aug 2, Hub Members attended a variety of Night Out Events, providing emergency preparedness information, including Alert Seattle information

Magnolia Summerfest Aug

South Lake Union Block Party Aug

Delridge Days Aug

Beacon Hill Health Fair Aug

Sustainable Ballard Festival Aug

Sunset Heights Community annual block party, Sept

Downtown Residents Council meeting, Sept

Delridge Projects Workshop and Community Resource Fair Oct

“Big Shaker” Earthquake event, Westlake Park, Oct

Starbucks Employees Preparedness Fair Oct



Queen Anne SNAP and Hub Preparedness Information Session, Jan

North Delridge Neighborhood Council, Feb

North Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies “Cascadia: The Hidden Fire”, Feb

Everett and Port Gardener Communities Association, Mar

Junction 47 Apartments Residents Council, Mar

Wedgwood Meaningful Movies “Cascadia: The Hidden Fire”, April

MIQA at Blaine PTA  Emergency Preparedness Parent Education Seminar, May

West Seattle Rotary, May

Belltown Community Council, July

Eastlake Disaster Prep “Are You Ready for Zombies”, Oct

Vancouver BC Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Council, Oct


Organizing work & Partnerships

Regular subgroup meetings of Ballard, Lake City, Rainier Beach, West Seattle hubs, QA Bowl and West Seattle hubs

South Lake Union group sponsored 3 city led workshops on Disaster Preparedness skill, Sept, Oct, Nov

Briefed SPD Assistant Chief Perry Tarrant, Deputy Mayor Kate Joncas about the Hubs Feb and May

Magnolia-Interbay-Queen Anne (MIQA)worked with 7th Grade Launguage Arts students in the classroom to understand Emergency Preparedness activities in Magnolia as background research for their disaster-survival fiction stories. The students expanded the project and actively investigated Emergency Preparedness at Blaine, working with Staff and Administration to improve training and awareness of the School’s Disaster Response Plan.

630 people on our mailing list


Training attended and shared with Hub Captains Network (by various Hub Captains)

ICS 300 & ICS 400

Engaging Ethnic Media workshop

State level Cascadia Rising planning workshops

Cascadia Rising Media workshop

Accessible Disaster Communications in this Digital Age

Securing the Supply Chain conference

First To See demonstration

Safety in the Arts – Emergency Action Plans

Building Resilience to Disasters: A Community-wide Strategy – A UASI Vulnerable Populations Disaster Planning Conference


Listed in: Announcements, Updates

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    Thank you everyone for your exceptional service to our community!

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