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Resources for Preparedness & Emergency Events

Residential Towers Handbook

For residents in condos and apartments, there are different dimensions to think about as you prepare with your fellow residents to have your building ready for a disaster.  Stan Kaufman, a Belltown resident, has created a guidebook for his building and shares it with us to help others.






City of Seattle

Office of Emergency Management


Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP)


CityStream: Emergency Hubs

Nicole Sanchez tells us how Seattle is using P-patches to help out residents in time of need. Learn how you can get involved and take some basic training on how to help your family and your neighbors in the event of a disaster.


Regional Public Information Network (King, Pierce and Snohomish counties):
King County Safety and emergency related services –


Department of Homeland Security –
Center for Disease Control emergency site –
Public Health Emergency Preparedness –

Medical & First Aid »

Emergency Medical Resources   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   Health Alert Network (HAN) WAresponds is the gateway to two Washington State public health emergency response systems:   WA SECURES – Emergency messaging and alerting system WAserv – Public health volunteer registration system

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Planning Tips »

Inexpensive shortcuts – Emergency Kit Relief Organizations Red Cross King County Heath Care Coalition Public Health Reserve Corps Public Health Emergency – Registry of Emergency Relief Workers King County Health website Nationwide Flu Pandemic ESCA – Emergency Services Coordinating Agency

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Training & Education »

Here are three videos, produced by the Seattle Office of Emergency Management, which can show you how to turn off your gas, water and how to use a fire extinguisher. Gas Shutoff:     Water:     Fire Extinguisher:    

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Additional Information »

Here’s a site where you can see water, sewer, drainage, zoning, land use and critical area infrastructure pieces, as well as topographical lines. You could see what roadways in your local area might be at risk, or if your house will become beachfront property, or how the stability and utility situation is for your location.

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How to create a Hub »

How to create a Hub – Basics about Hubs     Hub Mission, Overview, Flow and Pictures     Picture of Hub flow     Start up phases for a Hub     How to create a Hub – Detailed information for volunteers First critical minutes and Hub Captain tasks     Task Descriptions for […]

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