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Self Help Posters now available!

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Self Help Posters were created by Hub volunteers to be used at the Hubs as a tool to help people immediately after a major disaster.  In those first few days when information will be hard to get, these posters remind people of basic information so they can stay safe.  There are 5 posters for the following topics: Communication, Food Safety, Water Safety, Hazards and Sanitation.  Hopefully people can take this information back to their neighbors and share as well.


While the posters were designed for use after a disaster, we found that they are also a great teaching tool, to think about being prepared beforehand.  Nothing like looking at how you’ll be bagging poo to motivate you to make sure there are garbage bags in your disaster kit! These posters also serve as a reminder that, if your home is safe, you’ll probably be basically be camping in your home if all the utilities are out.  As we have been showing these posters around getting comments for the final version, we found a lot of interest from businesses and places of worship to have a set so they could use as a teaching tool as well.  These posters are downloadable and please share with anyone you think would find them helpful!


   Water   Food    Sanitation     Hazards   Communication


a poster showing information about keeping food safe when there is no refrigderation or power availableA poster showing how to collect and dispose of human waste if the sewers are not workingA poster showing tips on how to purify water and how much a person needs per day

A poster showing how to control utilities and use caution around hazardous materials

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