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Looking forward to 2017 –
Plans underway for a busy year!


We accomplished a lot in 2016, especial with the additional of 8 hubs and our Cascadia Rising drill. The Hub Captains are thinking about what will be the most beneficial activities and we have a great list going.  Stay tuned for more details about the following.

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Disaster Relief Trials Bike Drill
Alki Summer Greenways

Imagine the impact a nearby 8.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami would have on Seattle. Buildings collapsed, roads in shambles, people displaced, services disconnected. Without roads that are passable to vehicles, how do we provide essential services to injured and scared residents?

The Disaster Relief Trials is a fun, emergency preparedness event which mobilizes bicyclists to carry cargo representing emergency supplies to and from checkpoints, and this year, we had hub locations in West Seattle participating.  Check out our video from the Morgan Junction Hub!



New video of Hubs in Action!

If you haven’t been able to be at a hub during one of our drills, here’s a look at what hub volunteers and doing and thinking as they prepare to help their communities. This was filmed during our June, 2016 Cascadia Rising drill at the Lake City Hub, so you get to see some experienced people in action.


This video was created by Bill Aston, who is a professional videographer and who graciously donated his time and talent to do this. He is passionate about people learning about preparedness and the importance of taking action, and we thank him for this gift.

Hubs continue to grow

Several new hubs have either signed up or are in the process of getting established.   New this month are Hubs in Victory Heights and Eastlake, and watch for additions in Ravenna Bryant and University Heights.  We’ve also had some additional SNAP groups put themselves on the map as well; don’t forget to pass the word to your local SNAP group who might not yet be on the map.

Successful Cascadia Rising
Seattle Emergency Hub Drills

King 5 News coverage of the Rainier Beach Emergency Hub Drill

Komo News coverage of the Queen Anne and Magnolia Emergency Hub Drill

West Seattle Blog coverage of the High Point Hub Drill

2015 Year in Review for the Hubs

Drills, training, outreach tables, presentations; the Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs had a busy year!  We end the year with 51 hubs on the map and about 10 more in the process of getting organized.  Many of the individual hubs held special events and training and we made some great new partnerships.  Please see our Hubs 2015 Year In Review Newsletter Edition for all the details and pictures to boot.

City of Seattle Releases New Tool
Seattle Hazard Explorer

The Seattle Office of Emergency Management website now features and series of interactive maps that highlight some of the city’s top hazards. Check out the Seattle Hazard Explorer and learn more about the hazards that impact Seattle. You can zoom in on your home, work place, or any other location to see what hazards are most likely to impact you. Information videos and other content provide more in depth explanations of each of the hazards. Make sure you look out for links to important preparedness information as well! You can access the Seattle Hazard Explorer here: View the Seattle Hazard Explorer

You can also access the Seattle Hazards Explorer by going to the “Hazards” section of the Office of Emergency Management website.

Western Washington 4.8 magnitude earthquake!

The strongest earthquake in the region for over a decade hit the Vancouver area on December 30th, 2015. This event has raised concerns with many Puget Sound residents about whether or not they are prepared for a disaster.

So what do you need to put in an “emergency kit” to keep in your car, office and your home to prepare yourself for the worst scenario? Do you have a plan of communication worked out with your family and the children? If the roads were closed and fire or medical services were unable to reach you, what are your options? Lucky for us we live in Seattle and our local government and individual resident volunteers are already gearing up to save lives and make a disaster in our city and neighborhoods more survivable.

Komo News covered the steps for Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness they interviewed the Seattle Emergency Hub Captains, Cindi Barker and Karen Berge, about their Volunteer activities as well as the Pacific Northwest Seismic Center.

The Seattle Emergency Hubs organization is a volunteer group of residents who practice emergency drills and training exercises on a regular basis. They coordinate these activities with other volunteer groups such as SNAP, CERT, Block Watch and ACS as well as City Management and Emergency services.


The Pacific Northwest Seismic Center had the perfect opportunity to test out their new equipment with this latest quake. They hope to have a mobile app ready soon so that residents can be alerted of future quake activity. Even so much as a 20 second alert can save lives.


How to prepare for emergency scenarios

Seattle Emergency Management Preparedness
Seismic Scenario Seattle
WA State Seismic Hazard Catalog

Beacon Hill Community Preparedness Event

Beacon Emergency Awareness Network (BEAN) hosts  Preparedness Fair. If you live in Beacon Hill, you know that most of the ways to get on and off the hill are by bridges.  What would you do if those bridges go down in an earthquake?  Would you know how to get information?  Are you prepared to be […]

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First Table Top scheduled for April 29

We will be holding a table top exercise on Saturday, April 29, from 9:00 am to noon. The purpose of the exercise is to test run new Universal Communications Cards being developed for our use. These cards are intended to help communications with people who’s first language is not English, people with speech difficulties, people […]

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What a year it was – 2016 in review

Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs Activity Report 2016 Our Hub Captains and the Hubs were very busy in 2016. Here is our year end summary as we get ready for another busy year ahead. Major Accomplishments   Worked with Office of Emergency Management and Dept of Neighborhoods to establish an award process for the “Hub in […]

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